Saturday, July 18, 2009

Repeal the Second Amendment


The Second Amendment was written at a time when Americans supplemented their diet with game. In colonial times settlers were at risk from Indians, the French and others. For defense the colonies organized "well-regulated militias" which were called up by governments when there was a need. Many of the soldiers in the American Revolution were militiamen . Their employment in the rebellion against their colonial masters, the British, has been cited as defense of the individual against "Big Government" and "Tyranny." Since then, democracy has become well established in our republic and the chance of a tyrant rising to power is remote. The "tyranny of the majority," of concern to some, is addressed in the Constitution and the other sections of the Bill of Rights. Subject to the interpretations of the Constitution, the Congress may enact legislation to meet emerging needs. Where the constitution does not reserve jurisdiction to the federal government, state and local government has the governing power. The Second Amendment has become as obsolete as the Eighteenth (Prohibition) and should be repealed (as in the Twenty-first). Repealing the Second Amendment and nullifying the recent Supreme Court decision will permit state and local governments to enact reasonable firearms legislation according to the wishes of voters in each community. Sporting use will be allowed and regulated, military weaponry can be restricted to government "well-regulated" armed forces and law enforcement agencies, possession of firearms by felons and mentally ill persons controlled. The Congress can address the interstate commerce in firearms and regulate their use in national parks and on federal lands. 70% of the Americans are dissatisfied with the level of firearm violence in this country. Will they join in political union to do something about it?

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